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Weight Management

Have you heard that weight management and fitness result from nutrition and exercise in the right combination? Many believe it is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise that leads to ideal results! What we know is that nutrition and fitness work synergistically for wellness. 


Exercise comes in so many forms that everyone can find something they enjoy. The best part of exercise is that we can make it FUN! It is also a...

  1. Cardiovascular boost- Metabolic demands drive increased circulation. This results in a conditioned heart and healthy blood vessels.
  2. Hair growth aid- The cardiovascular boost increases circulation everywhere including your precious hair follicles. 
  3. Mood stabilizers- Endorphins and other factors are released which enhance mood, clears the minds, and takes your thinking toward solutions.  
  4. Energy boost- Improvements in metabolism enhance energy storage and management. The result is enhanced energy reserves. 
  5. Improved sleep- Exercise gets the body closer to its own circadian rhythms which relegate sleep and other functions. In the long run, sleep quality and duration are optimized. Many see a reduction in the need for sleep and energy aids...reducing these also improves sleep.


We use food for many purposes. Here, we focus on both nutrition as well as the pleasure aspects. The result is enjoying food without guilt! How do we get there? Start with 3 basic steps...

Step 1: Know your body
Step 2: Understand food benefits & principles
Step 3: Eat in a way that helps you weight manage with pleasure and without guilt

The key is lifestyle modifications without fad diets or exercise schemes most people cannot possibly maintain. Your individualized food habits will help enhance...

1. Cardiovascular system.
2. Cancer avoidance. 
3. Mental clarity.
4. Metabolic function.
5. Skin clarity and glow.
6. Hair and nail health.
7. Weight management and clothing fit.
8. Longevity. 

Contact Dr. Cutter for your Weight Management appointment. It is an important step in empowering yourself in the pursuit of wellness, longevity, and your personal best body. 


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